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I have been fixing cars for over 35 years and love what I do. I want to do a good job at a fair price and get it fixed right the first time. Being from Boston area in a working-class neighborhood I appreciate hard work and the benefits from it. I have been in Florida for over three decades and love the sunshine, beaches and people. 

About Us


Here at Penney's Automotive Repair, I am trying to change how you experience an Auto Shop. I know that in years past there have been unscrupulous people doing shoddy work at far too expensive prices. But I am trying to change all that. 
We only change parts that are bad and fix only what you need fixed. 
We won't sell you a brake job when your car over heats and we keep all your old parts for your inspection after repairs are done. Don't believe me? Just look up our reviews online and see for yourself. I'll let others that know speak for my shop. 

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Fleet Services 


Here at Penney's Automotive Repair, we know that the time your trucks and cars are off the road is time your vehicles and employees are not making your company money. Anytime your vehicles are off the road your company suffers, the bills stack up, income goes down, and no one cares. Not the state, not your employees, and not your creditors.

That's why my goal is to give the best automotive service in the Automotive Industry to businesses and their fleets. When your vehicle is here everything possible will be done to get it back on the road as quickly, and as efficiently as possible. We have a strong work ethic and repair vehicles often on the same day. We use quality parts and have a $65.00 discounted hourly rate for business and their employees. Whether it is a car or truck, foreign or domestic, we work on it in a timely cost effective manner, never doing any work without prior authorization from the proper company personnel. 
So please feel free to call if you have any questions or if you need more information I would be happy to meet with you and answer all your questions. 

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